Will soma get u high

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I'll get U hh again Prince gon' get U hh I'll get U hh again I'll get U hh I'll get U hh again Prince gon' get U hh Ooh (Uh!

COME ON GET HHER CHORDS by Matt Nathanson.

) Making your way through the nehborhood Looking 4 some good boys, toys Bobbin' your tail 2 another one of Prince' jams Tryin' 2 look real coy When they pull up rht beside ya (Say, baby) And ask if they can ride ya (Where the party at') Your horn goes beep The music in the jeep goes...

Can you <strong>get</strong> hh <strong>soma</strong>

B-Real - Come Round Get Hh Lyrics

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Can you get hh soma

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Will soma get u high:

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