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I was just diagnosed with shingles after a month and a half of going back & forth to doc. I was told by the doc that it is common for post traumatic stress patients/chronic pain and neuropathy patients to get the shingles. I had the shingles as a child and was broke out around my mid section.

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This go around started with major infection in my neck and face.

How to Avoid and Treat Cold Sores -

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Le valaciclovir (ou valacyclovir dans les pays anglophones) est un médicament antiviral indiqué dans le traitement du zona, de l'herpès labial et de l'herpès génital chez les personnes immunocompétentes, ainsi que pour le contrôle de l’herpès génital récurrent chez les personnes infectées par le VIH.

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