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SAFI: The Blood Purifier Here, we have heard of it from our moms, grand moms, aunts and sisters and even dads. checks nose bleeding, cures constipation, corrects indestion and improves complexion and helps you to stay slim and smart. Dosage: 10 ml (2 teaspoonful) My take: I am a sucker of ayurvedic products. blood is ‘sterile’ which means it is free of living microorganisms. Internal toxins, as the free radicals, are produced inside the body through normal metabolic processes or through the decomposition of foods in the small and large intestines. Can safi be taken with homepathic medicine or alone. I couldnt get myself to get through even 1 bottle .. but i also recently read some stuff abt safi having hh levels of arsenic n stuff in it so I dunno 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 I def agree with rids abt the blodd acne conundrum … So, let me complete a month or so of this experiment and then I can share my experiences. :chewnails :chewnails :chewnails anyways thanx for the review really feel it was a good decision to try this product :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: Reply i really want to try this product out but after seeing all these comments i’m not too sure weather I should as some reviews are not that good…guess i will have to take the risk but i really don’t want to harm my body in ANY way , i use no creams or products whatsoever, i have spots on my cheeks,arms and back but my colour is fair (thankgod! also i live outside of india so i’m scared of buying a duplicate. p.s i will definaitley consult my doctor before using this but any heads up apart from that? just close your nose with your left hand (if you are going to drink it using your rht hand :toothygrin: ) and then drink the potion followed by a glass of Luke warm water…

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Safi – The Blood Purifier Review - Makeup and Beauty

Safi – The Blood Purifier Review - Makeup and Beauty

I have a burning pscyhological need to include waxing in my grooming regimen; I feel filthy, uncomfortable, hideous without waxing my legs, bikini area. - waxing and accutane I started Accutane 3 days, if they do not realli kicking around.

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Using epilator on accutane:

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