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Unacceptable side effects of Levothyroxine. Thread discussing.

By Roberta (Port Reading, NJ) I have been using bee pollen for about 20 years now, but recently I was diagnoised with hyperthyroidism which went into hypothyroidism after the radioactive iodine treatments.

Synthroid vitamin d interaction

The thyroid glands located on either side of your neck make thyroid hormones that help regulate dozens of important body functions, including metabolism, and temperature.

<b>Synthroid</b> <b>vitamin</b> d interaction

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As I explained in last week's blog, the thyroid system plays a critical role in your metabolism.

Could Synthroid cause Vitamin d deficiency? - eHealthMe

As someone on thyroid medication, I wrote this article to share my experience and to provide information for others who mht have thyroid conditions.

Synthroid vitamin d:

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