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Synthroid is used as a replacement for those whose thyroid glands do not produce enough of the thyroid hormone.

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My doctor changed my Synthroid dosage from 100 mcg once a day to 112 mcg SIX days a week. Are there any symptoms I should be aware of so I'll know it is the meds and not something else. I am currently on 600mcg of Synthroid and recently i have been put on Predinizone ( oral) for Uveitis. He ordered blood tests to evaluate my overall health. I took this info back to my family dr who was reluctant to put me on any medication but did perscribe 25 mg of synthroid. I know thats not very cal but I wouldnt trade my syntrhoid/cytomel combo for anything.

Abbott Laboratories, Manufacturer of <b>Synthroid</b> -- Thyroid Drug.

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In some cases the thyroid glands cannot produce enough Levothyroxine needed by the body and Synthroid drug is prescribed to overcome the shortfall.

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