Motrin dosing for infants

Acetaminophen/Ibuprofen Dosage Chart

Infants' MOTRIN Concentrated Drops are available in an alcohol-free, berry-flavored suspension and a non-staining, dye-free, berry-flavored suspension. Children's MOTRIN Oral Suspension is available as an alcohol-free, berry, dye-free berry, bubblegum or grape-flavored suspension.


Each 5 m L (teaspoon) of Children's MOTRIN Oral Suspension contains ibuprofen 100 mg.

Dosage Chart Children up to 110 pounds, Ibuprofen Advil, <strong>Motrin</strong>.

Medications and Dosages to Reduce Pain and Fever - Cedars-Sinai

Ibuprofen (eye-byoo-PRO-fen) is an over-the-counter medicine taken to relieve aches and pain and reduce fever.

Tylenol and Motrin Dosages Spring Valley Pediatrics

Reevaluate if no relief within first 24 hours of treatment or if fever/pain worsens or persists ≥3 days.

Motrin dosing for infants:

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