Is there a substitute for lexapro

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I suffered from depression most of my life and was on antidepressants for almost 5 years. In mid 2004 I was having trouble with anger issues.

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(Natural News) Sure, we all know that drugs aren't made of sugar and spice, but sometimes the ingredients that are included in even the most popular and widely used drugs can be pretty disturbing.

Is there a good <strong>substitute</strong> for <strong>lexapro</strong>? It is extremely.

Is there a good substitute for lexapro? It is extremely.

(Before It's News)Kanna, a plant from South America also ed Sceletium tortuosum has been used for it’s mood boosting properties for many years dating back to 1662.

Kanna Is Natural Lexapro Alternative, Antidepressant, Relieves.

Lexapro (Escitalopram) is good for treating depression and anxiety.

Is there a substitute for lexapro:

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