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I've tried to get off Paxil recently and had the WORST problems. I can't walk because I'm so dizzy I can't keep my balance. My head also hurts and it feels like someone keeps hammering a nail into my eyes.

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Hi there:) I was a member of paxilprogress since 2004 and then the site was shut down...

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"For patients with severe problems discontinuing paroxetine, dosing may need to be tapered over many months (i.e., reduce dose by 1% every 3 days by crushing tablet and suspending or dissolving in 100 ml of fruit juice and then disposing of 1 ml while drinking the rest; 3-7 days later, dispose of 2 ml, and so on.) This is both a form of very slow biological tapering and a form of behavioral desensitization."He also notes that paroxetine inhibits its own metabolism, making tapering even more problematic for some (i.e., the effect of a dose reduction can be magnified.

FDA Approval for Paxil for Hot Flashes A Cruel Joke ?

My doctor told me that Paxil is a unique formulation that offers proven medical benefits for people with depression.

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