Cipro gram negative

Evaluation of Quinolone Resistance in Gram Negative

Ciprofloxacin Hikma and associated names, 2 mg/ ml solution for infusion, is an antibiotic belonging to the quinolone family, effective in vitro against a large number of Gram-negative aerobic bacteria as well as against some Gram-positive organisms.

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Author(s): Gogos CA, Skoutelis A, Lekkou A, Drosou E, Starakis I, Marangos MN, Bassaris HP Affiliation(s): Department of Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases Section, Patras University Medical School, Patras, Greece.

Invitro activity of Ciprofloxacin Against <b>Gram</b>-<b>negative</b>

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(IV) or V (PO) Spectrum: Many strains of Streptococci (Drug of choice for A Strep - universally PCN sensitive), minority of Staphylococci (most are resistant) and some Enterococcus, most oral anaerobes, Syphilis (universally PCN sensitive).

Comparative effects of ciprofloxacin and ceftazidime on

Two antipseudomonal drug combination therapy (eg, a beta-lactam antibiotic with an aminoglycoside) is usually recommended for the initial empiric treatment of a pseudomonal infection, especially for patients with neutropenia, bacteremia, sepsis, severe upper respiratory infections (URIs), or abscess formation.

Cipro gram negative:

Rating: 88 / 100

Overall: 87 Rates