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Unfortunately, many of the technologies available to today’s educator ARE simply encouraging the transfer of old learning models onto a computer, which MHT help students, but definitely AREN’T the future.

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I have pcos and have never found a positive opk which is why for this cycle i thought id give the soy a go from cd3-7!

IUI with <strong>clomid</strong> and fostimon -

IUI with clomid and fostimon -

Said cycles were probably annovulatory (based only on length, did not look at my charts).

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(Age 30) September - December 2010 - TTC naturally, trying to time off of cycle length. Noticing a rise each month, but doesn't exactly correlate with CBEFM peak days. July 2011 - Had first official "infertility appt." Doc ordered Day 3 labs, semen analysis, and HSG. Result of labs normal for me, 4% morphology for Mr.

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