Brain shivers from effexor

Brain Shivers Effexor Withdrawal Psycho

If it was not for this site and concerned people like yourself I'd probably be naively following my doctor's instructions and blissfully medicating myself with Effexor.

Brain Shivers Psycho-Babble - Dr. Bob

I have been on zoloft for several years now, actually since my excommunication.

<strong>Brain</strong> <strong>Shivers</strong> <strong>Effexor</strong> Withdrawal Psycho

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I started haveing alot of Brain shivers, zaps , what ever they are ed.

Are "Brain Shivers" During Effexor Withdrawal Dangerous?

I was on Effexore XR 75mg then for control of hot flashes. They started the day I has some manual traction to my neck and at the same time my lips went numb and tingly. I had to go off the Effexor for a upcoming sleep study and did not notice much difference.

Brain shivers from effexor:

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