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is the mischievous title of an article about the use of cannabis in ancient Judaism in next month's Hh Times, a pro-cannabis magazine. He is the host of Burning Shiva, a show on Canada's Pot-TV, and an advocate for the medical use and decriminalisation of marijuana.

Did Jesus use cannabis? Sex, drugs, violence, and the Bible

By Professor David Nutt (2012) David Nutt was famously sacked from his job as drugs advisor to the British Labour Government.

Did Jesus use cannabis? Sex, <b>drugs</b>, violence, and the <b>Bible</b>

Drugs in the Bible - YouTube

By Ted Smith For anyone who believes pot smoking started in the 1960s, I have the book for you.

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Unraveling the secrets of cannabis that time has hidden, Chris Bennett, in his new book Cannabis and the Soma Solution, has established that the herb was the primary plant medicine used for spiritual purposes in ancient Eastern and Western relions.

Bible drugs soma:

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