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The US President-elect has promised that a trade deal with the UK would be a priority for his administration and said that people voted for Brexit because they 'want their own identity'.

Jack Monroe splits from Allegra McEvedy as she announces she.

In an interview with former cabinet minister Michael Gove, for the Times newspaper, Mr Trump said: 'People, countries want their own identity and the UK wanted its own identity.

Jack Monroe splits from <em>Allegra</em> <em>McEvedy</em> as she announces she.

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During these times, she developed the philosophy that she continues to live and work by: that there are more ways for a chef to make a difference than by winning Michelin stars, and good food should be available to everybody.

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Inspired by the foxtrot, this new book from chef Allegra Mc Evedy brings together a variety of tempos and cooking styles to create a unique collection of recipes all based around the rhythm of Quick-Quick-Slow.

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