Abilify neck pain

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The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has identified the drugs listed here as posing a hher risk to patients, especially to seniors.

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Between 20 the FDA Med Watch program received 3,979 Individual Safety Reports naming Abilify (aripiprazole) the Primary Suspect Drug for 1,182 distinct adverse reactions ranging from ageusia (loss of the sense of taste) to xanthopsia (visual defect in which everything appears yellow).

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Just wanted to chime in that my mom has chronic leg cramps, and she takes abilify and she used to take seroquel, but the leg pain seems to be chronic and when her leg cramps are really bothering her, it really takes away from her day.

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More frequent side effects include: dizziness, drowsiness, lethargy, sedation, urinary incontinence, and salivation.

Abilify neck pain:

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