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Today witnessed some Nor-Pac juice alht our shores. I really tried to zone into the wave and get under the pitching lip. Always humbling to surf with the old-school shredders.

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E’ stupefacente come il pensiero sia in grado di controllare la fisiologia.

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Maybe that day in January with smooth head-hh peaks? I made a conscious decision to get in the barrel, as conditions seriously would never be better for this junior varsity surfer to clock barrel time. Scoring those rare birds that only fire with E winds and pumping WNW groundswell. A rare point-break that only works on NE winds and a really hh tide. ” He ended up surfing for 3 hours on his pavel fish…

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Point after point in mid baja with coyotes on the rampage? Personally i preferred yesterday’s mellow, glassy, offshore sweetness. I know some of you out there have been scouring the coast lately.

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